To experience the artwork in Uptown Artway, it’s best to take a leisurely stroll and linger at the various gathering spots where nine amazing projects enliven the space. Seating, lighting and several large flower boxes have been added to create a welcoming atmosphere, day or night.

Can’t stroll around? Then scroll down for glimpses of each piece…

ConfluenceConfluence by Dan Perry


Evoke dark

Evoke by Dale Merrill


Prime Commonality night

Prime Commonality: Marion, Iowa by Owens + Crawley


Prairie Schooled

Prairie Schooled by Cara Briggs Farmer


Alley Blome (2)

Alley Blome by Jake Balcom


Alley Gateway (2)

Alley Gateway by John Schwarzkopf


Drawing Room

Drawing Room by Matthew Kargol


Life is a Ride

Life is a Ride by Chris Miller


Midnight Wonder

Midnight Wonder by Cecilia Lueza